Healthy Alternatives for Pain and Inflammation Relief

Anti-inflammatory is the new buzz word.  It’s amazing how the pharmaceutical industry let this leak out! Their answer? Ibuprofen and Naproxen  which are NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). They’ve been flying off the shelves recently because pain relief, together with reduced inflammation, works faster and lasts much longer than just a standard pain reliever (i.e. acetaminophen). Turns out, inflammation is the leading cause of pain and suffering, specifically headaches, back pain, muscle pain, and joint pain.

Touted by most practitioners of natural healing, is the use of anti-inflammatory spices…imagine that? These include ginger, turmeric,  capsaicin (hot chili pepper), devil’s claw, willow bark, pomegranate, bromelain (found in pineapple), green tea and St. John’s Wort to name a few.  Most of these can be purchased at grocery or health food stores. There is a great deal of interest and proof that these herbs, supplements and spices are incredibly effective in the reduction of inflammation. Even better, most of the contraindications resulting from NSAID use are absent. Further, capsaicin has been found to have analgesic (pain relief) properties, similar to that of Ibuprofen.

As the latest promotion and popularity of Vitamin D gains momentum (I’ll discuss that in a future post), so is the ‘new spice revolution’, Want to get in on the action? It’s absolutely simple. Go to your health food store (or order online for $12 for 1000), and pick up some empty pill capsules, Buy your bulk spices (where you can) and mix them together in a bowl. Use the larger part of the capsule as a scoop and make your very own anti-inflammatory meds. If you lack the time, most places do have these supplements already in capsule form. Doing it yourself, however, will save you mucho dinero $$$.

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Doggie Popsicles

I love my babies. Now that my boys are past the cuddle age, my wee doggies are my constant companions. When I saw this, I thought, ‘Wow, what if I made 2 small ones for each of them? Problem is, they melt too fast then.  A large one, like in the picture, will last all afternoon. I add a little chicken soup flavour to the water and plop in small toys, mini marshmallows, and tiny pieces of their treats, i.e. doggie bacon. It’s like kiddie’s day at the fair!

Dog popsicle

Banana & Peanut Butter Smoothie – OMG!

banana shake

I can’t get enough of this for breakfast. The only problem is, hiding it from the kids!!!
A 3-way potassium, protein and calcium punch, this smoothie will last you WAY past lunchtime.

1-2 bananas (depends on how hungry you are:)
1 heaping spoonful of peanut butter (or more)
1/2 c. yogurt

If it’s not sweet enough for you, adding a dollop of honey works perfectly 😀

Blend until smooth.

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The Truth about Hair Care Products

The saying ‘you want it, you got it’ has never been more apt as it is in the world of hair care products in North America (and makeup and body odor products and the list goes on…).

Firstly, your body produces natural oils from your food to keep your skin, and your scalp, nicely lubricated. However, after the decline of the ‘greaser days’ in the 50s, when oil was used to style hair, hair oil became a dirty word – synonymous with dirty hair.

So, the hair product industry took note of this and produced products that would effectively strip the hair oil from your head. At this same point in time, more and more women were colouring their hair, getting perms…and letting it grow. This, of course, caused all sorts of fuss because, as we know, these chemicals are not good for your hair.

So along came the cream rinse (and later, conditioner) which, according to Wikipedia is “…silicone, fatty alcohols, and quaternary ammonium compounds…”.

Are you surprised? I’m not. With ‘oily hair’ being such a bad word, no one in their right mind in the hair care industry was going to put back exactly what no one wanted. So basically, they added more stripping (alcohol and ammonia) and then threw in some silicone to smooth down the desperately-ravaged hair. Seems kind of crazy, doesn’t it?

It’s taken my incredibly fine hair and I several decades to figure this out. After moving to hennas to colour my hair, I still found that, after shampooing and conditioning, I still looked like a thistle bush…soooo, I added leave-in conditioner (more silicone) and wondered why it took so darn long for my hair to dry 😀

It was a wonderful Indian lady I befriended at work that introduced me to hair oil. Essentially, it was fragranced olive oil, but I couldn’t believe how naturally soft my hair was afterward. Nowadays, I pre-condition my hair with olive oil for an hour, then shower, using a gentle shampoo (you really need that oil, people!)

It’s been a journey for me, especially since I cannot stand short hair (on myself). I’ve regretted every single time I’ve cut it above the shoulder and have been known to sob after reaching for my lost locks. And look, in this ‘get it done and get it done quick’ world, grabbing shampoo and conditioner in the shower is fast and easy.

For me, though, oil is now my friend. I’m sure you’ve noticed the new hair colour that actually has OIL for the conditioning treatment so I think the we’re circling back around…not to greaser days, mind you, but to something that will no longer scare the crap out of your hair.