Gift Boxes from Toilet Paper Rolls

In the past few months, I have begun making jewelry. I really enjoy it and have decided to give my friends some for Christmas. I found a photo on Pinterest that showed someone making gift boxes out of toilet paper rolls so I thought I would try my hand at it. The nice part is, you can make them from anything: wrapping paper, tissue, newsprint, etc. and decorate with anything you have on hand and it’s super-simple! Here’s how:

Remove any stray paper from the toilet paper roll so that it is smooth.


Cut the wrapping paper/tissue so that there is about half an inch to spare on both sides of the roll.


Tape the paper to the roll and roll it up, ensuring that it stays smooth.


Apply tape to the end.


Flatten the roll SLIGHTLY and pinch the cardboard at the ends so that it looks like an open mouth. Push in the excess paper and attach to both sides with tape


Push each side of the roll in with your fingers (making lips for the mouth:) If this doesn’t work at first, you may not have pinched the corners enough. Do this to both ends of the roll.


Add ribbons or decorations. Be creative 😀


Ta-daaaa! Cute little gift boxes for any occasion!


I imagine you could do this with paper towel rolls or customize a size by making your own roll with cardboard and tape. Hmmm…sounds like a challenge to me 😀


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