I’m Baaaack!

Well, in my defense, I started a new job in May. God knows it was the best thing that ever happened to me! Love the organization, what they stand for, my work peeps and my boss. I’m having a blast!

The downside is, wow, what happened to all the things I did before this? I’ve found ideas for posts several times in the past few months but to take the time to sit down and post them…well, that’s another story.

Also in my defense, it WAS summer in Canada. ’nuff said. We got a piddly-poop amount of warm weather this year (mid-June to mid-August) and each weekend we headed outside: to the cottage, to the boat, to the water…anywhere where we could enjoy this beautiful country in it’s glorious balminess 😀

In any case, I am off sick today after having a rotten night full of spasming tummy aches so you, dear blog, receive a little attention.

I will try not to neglect you again…and I suddenly feel so much better 😀

Hasta la vista!


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