♥ DIY Seashell Tealights ♥

These seashell tealights are enchanting as well as being soooo easy to make.
Best of all, they remind me that summer’s on the way 😀

Simple DIY Seashell Candles//



The Secret to Hair Traps for Drains!

Got one of these? Do you use it?

I didn’t for the longest time because it was such a pain to clean out! After using it in the shower, I’d scrape it out with my fingernail or an old toothbrush then rinse out the shampoo/soap/conditioner…yet another 10 minutes of work AFTER the shower! But almost always, it would have a dried film in it the next time I used it, regardless of the cleaning.  After a while, I flung it (literally) under the sink and ignored it. But, having long hair, you feel the guilt, knowing that it will clog up your drain(s) eventually…so out it came again!

This time, I tried something new. After finishing with my hair routine (but before the washing and shaving), I wrap my head in a towel. Then, I remove the trap from the drain, scrape the hair out with my fingernail and put it (the hair) on the edge of the bathtub. After that, I hold the hair trap up under the running water and rinse out all the product that would end up blocking it later. A couple of shakes or a rap against the side of the tub will shake out the excess water and, voila! The screen is clean and ready for the next use!

The best part about it is, you don’t end up with water up around your ankles during your final rinse (personally, this is the reason I flung it to begin with:)

Happy draining!

NOTE: While you could do this at the end of your shower while the water’s still running, I found that the bubbles from the body wash/soap/shaving cream end up sitting over top of the drain by then. Since your hair is still in the trap, it doesn’t drain away and it’s quite messy to remove the hair from it.