The Secret to Hair Traps for Drains!

Got one of these? Do you use it?

I didn’t for the longest time because it was such a pain to clean out! After using it in the shower, I’d scrape it out with my fingernail or an old toothbrush then rinse out the shampoo/soap/conditioner…yet another 10 minutes of work AFTER the shower! But almost always, it would have a dried film in it the next time I used it, regardless of the cleaning.  After a while, I flung it (literally) under the sink and ignored it. But, having long hair, you feel the guilt, knowing that it will clog up your drain(s) eventually…so out it came again!

This time, I tried something new. After finishing with my hair routine (but before the washing and shaving), I wrap my head in a towel. Then, I remove the trap from the drain, scrape the hair out with my fingernail and put it (the hair) on the edge of the bathtub. After that, I hold the hair trap up under the running water and rinse out all the product that would end up blocking it later. A couple of shakes or a rap against the side of the tub will shake out the excess water and, voila! The screen is clean and ready for the next use!

The best part about it is, you don’t end up with water up around your ankles during your final rinse (personally, this is the reason I flung it to begin with:)

Happy draining!

NOTE: While you could do this at the end of your shower while the water’s still running, I found that the bubbles from the body wash/soap/shaving cream end up sitting over top of the drain by then. Since your hair is still in the trap, it doesn’t drain away and it’s quite messy to remove the hair from it.





Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

AppleCiderVinegarTonerI have a love/hate relationship with apple cider vinegar. On the ‘love’ side, it is supposed to be incredibly healthy for your digestive system and SHOULD be taken as a tonic every day.

On the ‘hate’ side however, I absolutely cannot stand the taste of it. I’ve tried mixing it with every combination of juice and sweetener I’ve heard of and still gag before it even comes near my mouth. Alas, for my digestive system…


BUT…according to the recipe I found online (link at the bottom of this post), apple cider vinegar toner can offer the following benefits to your skin:

  • Rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids
  • Lightens sun and age spots
  • Dissolves dead skin cells
  • Balances the skin’s PH
  • Improves acne and acne scars
  • Helps minimize appearance of pores


1) Pour 1 part apple cider vinegar into a glass jar, bottle or container.
2) Add 2 parts distilled or filtered water.
3) Shake the bottle to combine the mixture.
4) Apply the toner to your freshly cleansed skin using a cotton ball or pad, avoiding the eye area.
5) Apply your usual, daily moisturizer after the apple cider vinegar toner has dried.
6) Shake well before each use.  Store in a cool, dry, dark place (No need to refrigerate).

And Kowabunga! I find this new use for it! I must confess, I haven’t tried it yet but it will happen today! Finally, a use for the jug in my kitchen cabinet…it takes so little to make me happy, doesn’t it? LOL!

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This is so sensual in the shower, it’s almost sinful! Enjoy!


1 cup Dark Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil, can substitute Sweetened Almond Oil or Vegetable Oil
1 teaspoon Vitamin E (cut open Vitamin E liquid gel caps)
1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract, optional (or your favorite citrus essential oil)
1 tablespoon honey, optional for dry skin


In a medium mixing bowl, combine oil, vitamin E and vanilla. Add the brown sugar and mix well.

To Use: In the shower, apply Brown Sugar Body Scrub into skin and rinse.  Can be used daily.  Please be aware that oils can make the shower and bath surfaces very slippery.

Dry your Nails with Cooking Spray

IMG_20140303_094710I’ve read about this a lot and always wondered if it worked. I tend to be one of those you hardly see with nailpolish because I can’t sit still long enough to let them dry naturally, so I ding them on EVERYTHING, then have to take it off. I have a job interview today so figured I’d try this out. After all, the consistency of cooking spray is much the same as traditional, spray-on nail drying products so I thought it was worth a try.

After spraying my nails, I can tell you that this works just as well as the commercial product, but there are 2 downsides to using it. First, it goes EVERYWHERE! Where the commercial product comes in a small spray bottle that is easy to aim, cooking spray is made for pans so has a wide dispersal. Luckily, I sprayed my nails in the sink otherwise the mess would have been huge.

Second, the wide dispersal gets it all over your hands. I had to mop up my hands, fingers and rings with a paper towel afterward, so you waste a lot.

However, it does WORK. Within 10 minutes, my nails were completely dry to the touch and ‘undentable’. My recommendation is, buy the stuff made specifically for this purpose and use cooking spray if you run out. But, if you don’t mind the mess, it’s definitely a great DIY that works.



Homemade Makeup

Homemade Natural Eyeliner

I f0und this awesome page via Pinterest. Being increasingly concerned with the chemicals I put on my face everyday, I was so happy to find these recipes.

I have tried making the eyeliner and will eventually try the foundation powder, blush, bronzer and mascara. The links to the last 4 are at the bottom of the recipe for eyeliner, which were a great success. If you try any of the others before I do, I’d love to read your comments.


DIY Peel-off Mask

This is brilliant!

Take the white of an egg is a small bowl and beat it slightly. Now using a face pack brush apply the egg white on your face and neck, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Take a thin tissue and cut out holes for your mouth, eyes and nose. Place it gently over your egg white brushed face, pat gently. Or you could tear the tissue into small pieces and place on your face one by one to cover fully.

Now apply another layer of egg white over tissue and leave it on to dry. When completely dry, gently peel-off the tissue or tissue pieces in an upward direction from the face. Check out all the blackheads on the tissue…yuck.

Wash off with tepid water and apply a mild moisturiser.

You can find the full instructions here.


Homemade Coconut Oil Face Scrub

All I can say is, this stuff is just beautiful. Since reading that ‘Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizing’, I decided to try it out and discovered that it makes a damn good facial cleanser. I now keep my coconut oil in the bathroom cabinet as it is now my prime beauty product (check out the recipe for my Homemade Leave-In Conditioner in the Beauty Hints section).

coconut face scrub

Here’s what to do:

  1.  Pour about a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup.
  2. Scoop out about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix it into the baking soda, making a paste. You can warm it up and add it as a liquid but I just use it in its semi-solid form, out of the jar.
  3. Wet your hands and face with warm water and rub the mixture onto your face in gentle, circular motions (don’t forget your neck and hands!)
  4. Leave the mixture on for a couple of minutes then gently wipe off with a wet facecloth. Magnifico!

I don’t even use moisturizer anymore. Mind you, I have oily skin so I can’t comment on how other skin types will react after it dries. All I can tell you is my skin is soft and smooth after.

If you’d like to make a pot of it, here is a link to a recipe which also contains honey. Go crazy. It’s good for you 😀